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    Media Highlights

    “This is mostly about big brands.” — Dr. Abhijit Biswas, clinical professor of marketing

    “Animation is only going to get bigger—and that’s not only in animation feature films or animation in games.” Dr. Anne Balsamo, Arts and Technology Distinguished University Chair

    “The key to a good ACO is organization and orchestration of resources, and Baylor’s proven they’re very effective at that.” — Dr. Britt Berrett PhD’09, director of the Center for Healthcare Leadership and Management

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    UT Dallas Magazine

    Winds of Change

    As the wind business booms, UT Dallas engineers are driving innovation in wind-turbine design and efficiency.

    The Play's The Thing

    Celebrating 10 years, the Center for Children and Families has become a recognized, impactful resource for the community as it shares lessons learned from childhood-development research.

    Bacteria Battles

    UT Dallas microbiologists are on the front lines of an arms race that threatens the entire human race.

    UT Dallas Gets in New Game With eSports

    The newest varsity sport on campus — esports — made a name for itself in its inaugural season.


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    telescope blog icon The Telescope Blog

    What You Should Know About Intermittent Fasting

    Taylor Tran, registered dietitian and employee health program manager at UT Dallas, offers some tips for the latest dieting trend.

    UTD Choir Trip to Border Promotes Healing, Unity

    The UT Dallas Chamber Singers and University Singers recently brought their musical talents to El Paso, Texas, and Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

    From the Field: UTD Geoscientist Studies 100-Year-Old Coal Fires

    Dr. Robert Finkelman spent several weeks in India with colleagues and graduate students assessing the potential health impacts of the coal fires.

    #UTD50 | A Look at 1970

    Join us for a look at what was happening on campus and around the world during the second half of our inaugural year.

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